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Incentive Points Program

The AACA Incentive Points Program (IPP) is designed specifically for licensed AC Contractors. Our IPP will provide you with an interactive way to track your sales throughout the year and earn points based on your total sales. You will then be able to redeem these points for valuable gift cards at various stores.

The IPP was designed in a way that we are able to give back to our customers with little to no effort from you. Once you logon to your account, everything you need to redeem gift cards is available to you. Login by clicking the Dealer Login button at the top of any page on our website.

Terms and Conditions: In order to participate in our Incentive Points Program, you must be a Licensed AC Contractor, and you must spend at least $30,000 in sales per year. All accounts must be current. Any account that is 90 days past due will forfeit all points that have been earned. Points will be calculated on the 1st and 15th of each month. You will have from the first day of April to the last day of March of each year to use accumulated points. A two month grace period will be given after the last day of March to redeem your points. If you have not redeemed your points by that time, you will lose any points you have accumulated for that year.